Today, I will be talking about a person who became one of the best SEO Punjab service provider 2020. It was 22 Oct 2019 when I met this person name Daljit Singh in Punjab, India. He was in a train station and sitting next to me. I went to Punjab, India to cover a story about the Golden Temple for my YouTube channel. He asked me if I am a news reporter. And I said no, I am just a YouTuber, and our conversation started from here.

I asked him about his work, and he said that he is an SEO expert in Punjab and I was also very keen to know more about SEO services because I was waiting for the train and I had a YouTube channel too. The train was late for 4 hours and we both have a lot of time to discuss SEO. First of all, let me tell you guys that I never knew about SEO. SEO means search engine optimization. In other words, if someone wants to get their website ranked in the Google’s search engine, they will have to do SEO work, so that their domain can have some authority and google always rank authority sites in their search engine.

Now, I started asking him so many questions. I asked him, how do you do SEO? He said it will take months for him to explain this question as it is a big question with few words. Then he said, I will answer it in shortcut. Let’s device SEO in two parts first. The first part is the Onpage SEO Punjab and the 2nd part is the Off-page SEO Punjab. Now, let’s explain the On-page SEO first.

The on-page SEO means the work we have to do on the website. In other words, we have to be logged in to the website where we are doing SEO. We have to take care of nearly 200 things in the On-Page SEO and this is called on-page SEO.

The Off-Page SEO means the work we do not do on the website. In other words, the work we do on other domains to get a backlink from. We will have to create backlinks from other domains which point to our website. That is called off-page SEO. In this type of SEO, we have to take care of nearly 50 things. This type of SEO Punjab is very common and widely used and tried by all the SEO experts all over the world.

Then he explains everything very deeply. I understood a lot and got so much information. I then asked him how did he learn all that, Then he said that necessity is the mother of the invention. He learns it when he needed it. It took him nearly 2 years of hard work to learn all that and now these days, he is one of the best SEO Punjab service provider.

He also won the award to be the best website designer of Punjab as well in the year 2019. I was impressed that I met someone on that day and learnt a new skill for free. We had a good conversation and I asked tons of questions and he answered all of them very politely. My excitement was at the next level.

I met a very smart person on that day, I still have his number and I am with him on the WhatsApp. He is the only friend I have from India and I admire him always because of the skills he gave me. I also started my own SEO business here in Germany as a freelancer. Learning this skill and hopefully will do good in this industry in next few years. It’s good to learn new skills each year and try them.

I wish everyone good luck with their future, these days Coronavirus is going on all over the world, stay safe and stay at homes. Keep reading good articles on Reddit.