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Tiles are an important part of home d├ęcor and fulfill your dream home vision. The selection of tiles should recollect the idea of your dream home and make it an ideal option for you. But as a top floor tiles Malaga and wall tiles Malaga company, we have often seen people who don’t know the basic difference between walls tiles and floor tiles.

Indeed many people think that it is quite easy to differentiate between the two. Tiles used for the walls are the wall tiles, and tiles for the floors are floor tiles, right? But actually, it is not the case. People could easily differentiate between the wall and floor tiles in the past, but with the emergence of new designs, trends, and technology in tiles, the basic difference between floor and wall tiles has been blurred.
And making the right choice between which tile will suit your floors better and which will suit the wall better can be a bit confusing if you’re new to tiles. In addition, there are many misconceptions about the type of tiles as people believe that ceramic tiles are ideal for walls and porcelain tiles are suitable for floors, while some believe that small tiles are ideal for walls and large tiles are ideal for floors. But we can say that all this depends on your choices and it is not always the case.

As one of the leading floor tiles Malaga and wall tiles Malaga manufacturers, we are here to give you a brief idea about the basic difference between the two to easily select the best tile type according to your needs and requirements.
So what are floor tiles?

The simple answer is that a tile used on the floor is called a floor tile. But we must keep in mind that the floor tiles must be such that they are strong, durable, and can resist wear and tear. Because at the end of the day, we don’t want a tile in a room where something falls by chance, and it cracks up. At the same time, the most commonly chosen and best tiles for the floor are considered to be ceramic tile, porcelain tile, vitrified tile, terrazzo tile, stone tile, and even cement tile.

Wall Tiles Malaga

Now comes the question what is a wall tile?

A wall tile is one that cannot bear much weight, but it can certainly be used on the floor. But walls tiles from walls tiles Malaga are one of the best options for kitchen backsplash and shower walls. They have a smoother surface and are therefore easy to install and clean. And even for kitchens and shower walls, they come in handy because if there’s water, grease, or oil splatter on those surfaces, you just need to wipe them off, and your tiles are super clean.
Glazed or polished ceramic is one of the best options for bathroom walls. When we talk about the living room walls, ceramic tiles are ideal and the best, easy to clean, and durable.
So this is the basic difference between floor tile and wall tiles.
And if you want to buy the best floor and wall tiles Malaga, then Ezy Tiling Services is the best bet for you. We will help you to differentiate between the two and select the best ones for you!