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What are tiles?

Usually, tiles are thin, rectangular or square in appearance. Its coverings made from a hard material such as ceramic, stone, metal, clay or glass. They are usually fixed in an array to cover the floors, ledges, ceilings, walls or other objects in the house such as tabletops. Alternatively, to cover the ceiling applications and walls, sometime tiles referring units such as such as perlite, wood and mineral wool, which are commonly used, these are made from lighter materials. The word “TILE “is derived from the French word “TUILE”, which is derived from the Latin word “TEGULA”, meaning a roof tile made of clay.

Tiles are often used to make floor covering and walls, and can range anywhere between a simply designed square tiles to complex designs such as mosaics. Thinner Tiles are generally considered for walls rather than on floor because floor requires more durable surfaces that will resist the impacts on it, thinner tiles may be broken in the process.

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